Our Story

Hello, we are Shawn and Justin, the brothers behind Shroomshot.


It all started with an appreciation for foraging wild plants and fungi growing in our local environment. Exploring the forgotten tastes, textures, aromas, of the California landscape. At one point during a foraging journey we came across the common and medicinal turkey tail mushroom. Excited, we brought it home and began researching--we came across more and more data on the importance of fungi in our environment and certainly within our bodies. With this knowledge fungi became an added ingredient in teas, soups, and smoothies.


It didn't take long for us to experience the health benefits of these amazing mushrooms. We knew that this was something that we wanted to share with the world, but it had a be done the RIGHT way.

We set very high standards for ourselves, not willing to compromise on ingredients. Everything must be organic and our drink would have no chemical preservatives. Instead we choose the old art of probiotic fermentation. We believed that  the healing powers of mushrooms could be enhanced by culturing them in coconut water, and the results were powerful.


It is now our mission to bring mushrooms to the world in the healthiest and tastiest way possible. We are passionate about our products and excited to offer our love to you.

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